Why did I start this Website?  Why am I daring to put myself out there in the virtual world with some of my story?   I’m sharing  because if I can help someone out there, maybe I will find and connect with my own “tribe” of kindred spirits that understand what living with a chronic health condition is like day to day—it’s a struggle isn’t it?!

After many years of learning different modalities of healing to help myself and my family and trying myriads of supplements I’ve found some useful information to share—and yes, the HBNatural Herbs that have been nothing short of a MIRACLE for me!  I know there are many ways to get results.  I’m simply sharing what is working for me.  My goal is to serve, help and give you some tips and tricks that if you are interested could help improve your life too—especially if you are living with pain 24/7.

I live with Lipedema, (painful fat syndrome).  There is no known cause and no known cure—yet!  It’s hard to even find medical doctors who are aware of the disease.  After years of increasing pain and swelling, (and no answers, even when I was doing all the good things with diet and exercise), I was diagnosed with Lipedema.  My hope was just to do all I could with conservative methods to minimize the pain and pray it didn’t progress.  Being between Stage 2 and 3 my mobility was beginning to be a real problem.

I’ve worked hard the last year and a half with diet, aromatherapy and energy healing work to maintain my health and not get any worse.  But my lifestyle drastically changed which was emotionally hard for me.

When Alexandria Brighton, whom I studied under to learn Aromatherapy, introduced a new Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement, (Mind, Body & Soul), I was actually skeptical.  First, I have quite the line-up of supplements that I take daily.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to add another expense.  Also, the idea of herbs scared me.  I had tried many before and had negative reactions.  When I saw how many different herbs were in each formulation, I was overwhelmed and pretty sure that it would be too much for my sensitive body!  But, I TRUST Alexandria.  I have used her Essential Oils for years with great success.  She is a gifted formulator.   The product has a 90 day money-back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose.  I decided to give HBNaturals Mind, Body & Soul an honest try.

I started with a very small amount.  No negative side effects.  I kept going.  I have learned to know my body well.  I feel differences.  14 days in was when I noticed a dramatic change.  My pain had gone from high to extremely low.  Legs felt lighter; swelling from sitting too long or standing was decreasing.  I decided to try to test out this new sensation by grocery shopping. I know it might sound silly to some who do not understand the disease.  Shopping was a success!

At the time I write this, it’s been a little over a month.  I can speed walk again while shopping!  No swelling after a trip out.  I was even able to stand and take a three hour walking tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.   Pain is minimal.  Sometimes I feel so normal, it’s a surprise to look at my legs and realize—yes, I still have lippy legs!  But I feel like I’m getting some of my life back!

Knowing that inflammation is connected with Lipedema—Mind, Body & Soul Superfood Shots have helped me more than any other supplement or essential oil I’ve taken.  That’s me.  I’d love for you to see what it might do for you!  You have my support in the journey!  Join me—invest in your health!

Leean Jensen