100% Ayurvedic Superfood Shot with ZERO Fillers or AdditivesBody is a synergistic blend of concentrated superfoods to bring balance and harmonize the body with circulation and Nitric Oxide production while supporting the heart.*

Formulated with top superfood adaptogens known to be helpful for increasing production of Nitric Oxide, an enzyme connected to increased cardiovascular health, and supporting healthy blood pressure levels. Increased Nitric Oxide has also been shown to support normal sexual function.*

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Hypertension Journal Dietary Nitrates




Organic Beet (Root) Powder, Organic Hawthorn (Berry) Powder, Organic Turmeric (Root) Powder, Acai (Fruit) Juice Powder, Organic Amla (Fruit) Powder, Organic Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera Root) Powder, Organic Astragalus membranaceus (Root) Powder, Organic Schisandra chinensis (Berry) Powder, Organic Camu Camu (Berry) Powder, Organic Coconut (Fruit) Powder, Goji (Wolfberry) Juice Powder, Pomegranate (Seed) Juice Powder, Acerola (Fruit) Juice Powder, Organic Mangosteen (Fruit) Powder, Organic Strawberry (Fruit) Powder, Organic Cranberry (Fruit) Juice Powder, Organic Maqui (Berry) Powder, Organic Jabuticaba (Fruit) Powder, Panax Ginseng (Root) Powder, Rhodiola rosea (Root) Powder, Triphala Powder, Luo han guo (Fruit) Powder
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