1 scoop (1/2 teaspoon) mixed in 2 oz water 1-2 times daily.  (*I personally recommend starting with 1/2 scoop 1x daily for 3-4 days.  Then daily increase to the full scoop)

How Long Does One Pouch Last?
There are approximately 45 servings, (1 scoop) in each pouch.

How To Mix:
For best results, mix with warm water, (not as hot as used to make Tea).  This dissolves the herbs better.  You can take shots individually or mix them all together at one time.  You can mix in the shot glass that is received with your first order, or mix in a mug if you would like to use more water.

How does it Taste? 
Body has a beet/earthy taste.  Soul has more of a greens taste.  Mind does have a bit of “fishy” odor and after taste because of the DHA ingredient that is sourced from algae.  *You adapt to taste over time.  As nutrition is added to your body and your body becomes more balanced the taste mellows and changes.

Age limitation?
Mind, Body & Soul are not recommended for children under age 6.  Contact me with other concerns or questions.

When can I expect to “feel” results?
We are all unique.  I suggest keeping a notebook to write down changes you experience.  That’s why a 90 day guarantee is offered.  We are a society that expects a quick fix.  Be patient and commit to 90 days.

Make sure that you continue to take the products consistently, because they do have a cumulative effect.

Could I experience uncomfortable Detox symptoms? 
Possibly.  Start with a small amount and work up daily.  Drink more water.  Contact me for advice or help if you experience negative side-effects.

Is HBNaturals Mind, Body & Soul Organic?
Yes, and has no GMO’s