By Lauren B.

“Thanks to you, Alexandria, Paula & Ben, for working miracles to bring HBNaturals like a “shooting star” into our lives… in a matter of months. One could call it the “Electric Lite Show”. The enrollment is a direct reflection of what people are seeing in the improvement in my health in such a short time. My MS (MULTIPLE SELECTIONS) is easing off by the day. Walking has improved dramatically, as well as ENERGY… A Sense of overall wellbeing MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY & SPIRITUALLY… I’m BACK and raring to SHARE!”

by Paula S.  Heart & Body Naturals’ Founder & CEO

The start of Heart & Body Naturals is deeply personal. As personal as I can get, really. Something, like so many things, that brings me back to the gifted healing abilities of Alexandria. Everyone who knows me has often heard me express that the best person I know is my husband, Ben. Everyone who knows Ben understands what I mean and would agree.



Mind Body eight week recaps: 
From day one to three weeks: 
1. 3,200 mg Gabapentin daily to 800 mg, with pain from Neuropathy 
From a nine to a four. 
2. Sleeping 7-8 hours a first since 1997 
3 Reduced stress by eighty percent, supported snack elimination. 
4. Inflammation and associated spine and knee pain reduced from nine to three. 
5. Weight loss 18 pounds. 

Week four thru six: 
1. Encouraging from the surge of energy began first three weeks providing productivity increase by thirty percent. 
2. Maintaining sleep seven to eight hours a first since 1997. 
3. Continued relief from stress. 
4. Waking up feeling better than have since 1997. 
5. My friends and neighbors say not as grouchy S.O.B. 
6. Neuropathy pain continues to be at an all- time low. 
7. No more craving caffeine. 
8. Clarity focus increased twenty per-cents. 
9. Modest memory improvement estimated to be ten per-cents, 
Maybe closer to fifteen percent. 
10. Lost 14 pounds in weeks four thru six, 
Bring total for six weeks to thirty two pound weight loss. 

Weeks six thru eight taking Mind & Body once a day for all eight weeks. 
1. Surge of energy continues steady at approximately fifty per-cent increase, 
with no more caffeine. 
2. Consistency of new longer sleep patterns improvement, 
Considering sleeping with respirator since 2001, 
Due to acute obstructive, non-operable, sleep apnea, 
Discovered from complications of pervious accident, 
Where every night’s sleep analyzed for all sleep categories’, 
Especially how many times an hour my breathing interrupted, 
Due to brain does not send message consistently to heart,  
Causing heart to jump starting breathing recording as many as 
Seventy three times per hour from 2001 to present, only when asleep. 
Why nightly sleep and breathing functions, recording automatically 
Forwarded to respiratory therapist for analysis monitoring 
Number of respirator assisted breathing events per hour. 
Recorded events per hour reduced from 73 events per hour to 49 assisted. 
Improvement in sleep patterns over last eight weeks allow for a small Bi Pap, 
Se-Pap, in lieu larger machine, and separate oxygen supplying additional three liters, discontinued based on daily improvements. The best part is my bedroom is minus two floor standing machines weighing sixty pounds each taking up so much room and looks awful and sound worse to a new modern machine sitting on nightstand, quiet, inconspicuous, providing space for lamp, clock, etc. If only mind & body would have been available for the last twenty years, yet grateful for today with better tomorrows. What a good feeling to put twenty years of ugly oversized equipment so big it was on wheels, in garage. 
Week six thru eight lost four pounds totaling thirty six pounds in eight weeks, only eleven more pounds to meet physical requirements for job thirty years ago of weight maximum one hundred and seventy five pounds. Doesn’t seem possible or believable, as no longer getting on scale every morning to make sure I’m depressed. And Doctor for last twenty years says look twenty years younger. It just gets better and better. Never would have believed if hadn’t follow thru with testing. My friends U.S. Marshalls are taking all three products to meet new physical requirements, reduce sick leaves and disability leave from manpower shortage, present day serious injuries encored from illegal alien attacks on Marshalls when arresting and deporting. The Marshalls like the relief from pain from inflammation after mandatory ninety minute workouts, feeling the energy, reducing stress, better sleep.

by anonymous

I have Type 2 diabetes and am currently taking 750mg of Metformin. I HATE Metformin. I was supposed to increase my dose and add it to the mornings. Ummm…I hate Metformin. My A1C was 9.2 and my doctor was going to recheck in a month. If it hadn’t started lowering I was going to have to add some other med. I had a month and to be painfully honest, I didn’t make any major changes like I was supposed to. The ONLY thing I really changed was adding Mind, Body and Soul and I really wasn’t taking it for my diabetes, but for my overall health. I went in and had my A1C and met with the doctor the next day. 7.8! No added meds for diabetes. I still have to make changes and it will be something I deal with for the rest of my life, but I am just happy at this point I don’t have to increase any medications! Remember? I HATE Metformin!

by Jenny

I started by taking just SOUL for a few weeks. Noticed huge difference in my knee – lack of inflammation, increased range of motion, and little to no pain. Since surgery chronic pain has plagued me. Added MIND noticed I was sleeping better & wake rested. Clarity of brain a little sluggish in mornings. I drink my shot of MIND and the blahs melt away. More aler

by Carol

Allen’s blood pressure was 166/95. Since starting the BODY he is at 120/85! He is taking nothing else!

By Robin

I work at a warehouse (Amazon) pulling orders for customers. It’s a 10 hour shift, standing, bending, reaching, walking, pulling products all day. It’s brutal on my legs and the company knows it’s hard on employees so they put OTC pain relievers in a vending machine!
Anyway, I would get my pain reliever in the morning and still have sore legs after 10 hours. Now I drink the Body and Soul before work and have not used the OTC stuff since. This company better be around forever because I’m a believer!

By Kendra

This right here EVERYONE is amazing! I am taking these natural ayurvedic herbs! The MIND one is really improving the energy and thought processing in my brain. My thoughts are processing alot faster and alot more smoothly! I can truly feel a huge difference. The mind one is my fav! The BODY one is giving me energy and I must need these ingredients because my body really and sincerely feels happier cause I’m taking them! The SOUL one is really really relaxing and calming…so if your an insomniac I really recommend this one! You don’t have to be an insomniac but for bed it would be great or if you are feeling anxious or restless. Each of these herbs are infused with 800+ energy life force! Enjoy my friends! Your body will thank you for it!

By R. Peterson

From day one taking all three shots a couple times per day I am falling asleep very quickly and sleep all night without awakening. Also, am thinking much more clearer, am much more focused and memory has improved drastically. Had a really bad concussion when 13 and major depression was one of the results and since taking Mind, Body & Soul every day I have experienced NO depression.

By Lori R.

I just started Mind and Soul six days ago. My results are amazing and unbelievable! My main concern was the inflammation in my joints, particularly my hands and knees which has been a chronic thing for me for approximately fifteen years. My normal consumption of ibuprofen would be 20-25 pills in a week span. I am elated to share that since utilizing these products for the last six days, I have taken 4 ibuprofen. As I type this, we are experiencing a bit of a storming, which also greatly affects my joints, and I am experiencing no pain whatsoever. What more can I say? I’m ecstatic.

By Michelle D.

This product is amazing!!!! Since I’ve been taking Mind I’ve notice a positive changes in a lot of areas of my life.

I used to always forget my words and could not complete sentences all the time…well the other day my daughter noticed and said ” Mommy you are not forgetting your words anymore!”

My sexy life is amazing!!

Also through the winter I feel sluggish but when I take my mind…..I am sooo happy!!!

I would recommend this product to anyone!!!

By John M.

About half way thru third week taking HBN Mind was taking usual prescribed fourth 800mg Gabapentin of the day, for acute nerve damage Neuropathy in legs and feet from previous neck and spinal injuries. When taking the Gabapentin, routinely test feet and legs for the degree of pain at Neurosurgeons charting request. Wrote down the Neuropathy pain level of 4 on the chart. Didn’t give it a thought until the next day when recording pain level and noticed the #4, and thought had made a mistake. Took 1st Gabapentin of prescribed four; for that day, and put one on the morning chart, which is normal until use of legs and feet. It was when taking the second Gabapentin of the day where the pain level is an 8-9, the light went off. My pain level was again a 4, not an 8-9. That is when the daily charting got my attention. Skipped the 2nd dosage of prescription and the third for that day, reducing my 3,200mg of prescription to 1,600 mg per day. Anxious to see over time, the possibility of getting off prescription entirely. Confident the healing will continue, with this positive jump start experiencing only a degree of # 4 pain. Hadn’t experienced such a moderate level of pain in three decades when was on morphine. Only taking two pills a day instead of four. Thank you, Paula, from the bottom of my heart. These HBN products are great.

By Lyn M.

I am sleeping more soundly, wake up feeling more rested, think I may have more energy and goofy as it sounds am just generally happier overall.