Thought I would let everyone know my Husband went to his Doctor last week. She ran her tests and told him that everything looks great with his diabetes, and his numbers look good. She did not have to make any adjustments in his medications (remember he went from 7 different medications down to only 3) and for him to keep taking his herbal trilogy. He is able to maintain his weight at 140 lbs.. He is also feeling so much better, less tingling and pain in his feet and hands. These herbs have been such a blessing for him.

Arlene Smith Jun~Hama 

Began taking HBN day after Mother’s day. Your Company representative asked me to keep a diary on my experience and results. First noticed when went to sleep a 3 am did not wake up as usually do. My first full night’s sleep in years, being more alert was a surprise, first time more alert than the last 11 years, due to my June 5th, 2005 first attack when the house burnt down and then diagnosed ganglia neuropathy, fibromyalgia, Ostia- arthritic psoriasis with Rami Cade Infusions monthly.

Your representative called me every day, asking what I was feeling, what was new, what could I do I could not do before, and what was I going to try and do that day I hadn’t done in years. Within a week could bend, had more confidence in mobility and managed to clean apartment in the morning instead of three days in a wheelchair. I went from 11 years in a wheelchair to a walker, to free walking in less than a month.

My biggest treat was going to a tribal festival and for the first time dancing with my four-year-old granddaughter. All my friends and those who know me were shocked by my ability to walk. The pain in fused “L” shaped titanium rod right ankle went from 10 to 4 and continues to improve. Then your representative talked me into walking my grandchildren to the park. My heart was so happy when with a lot of effort, my grandchildren were so excited to see grandma walking with then, and we do it almost every day now. Noticed my very brittle fingernails are growing and healthy, not breaking anymore. I can exercise now and work on regaining strength.

I can shake your representative’s hands now and hug him for all he does for me, and my hands are no longer claws, but function from my M.S and Lupus syndrome 17 symptoms am now down to 5, remaining 12 eliminated. 

My biggest joy is how people treat me now, asking “what have I was done” and how I look wonderful. Told my nurse friend to come over so she can learn. My nurse practitioner friends are so impressed with my progress, can move shoulders, hands, walk upright naturally and have use of my hands first time in a decade. Ophthalmologist noticed the spots in my eye floating aneurysm behind my eye are shrinking. Last week went into Doctors office and nurse was astounded I was walking down the hallway and my daughter Aurura chasing after me with my wheelchair I don’t use any more.

My improvement’s motivated my daughter with focus, mindset, temperament, impatience, energy, sleep, fatigue to use the food shots with great success and she has gone down three sizes, and is much more at peace with herself. My daughters significant other was so impressed he purchased the Trilogy for his stress, energy, sleep issues at our weekly health discussion your representative provides. So far five members of my family are now using the Food shots, all with success. Being paid to get healthier is a blessing. I’m having your representative continue the Saturday health discussions and participate in health fairs we have and speak to each of our 72 different clan groups.

Thank you HBN.

John M. – March 12 at 11:58pm
About half way thru third week taking HBN Mind was taking usual prescribed fourth 800mg Gabapentin of the day, for acute nerve damage Neuropathy in legs and feet from previous neck and spinal injuries. When taking the Gabapentin, routinely test feet and legs for the degree of pain at Neurosurgeons charting request. Wrote down the Neuropathy pain level of 4 on the chart. Didn’t give it a thought until the next day when recording pain level and noticed the #4, and thought had made a mistake. Took 1st Gabapentin of prescribed four; for that day, and put one on the morning chart, which is normal until use of legs and feet. It was when taking the second Gabapentin of the day where the pain level is an 8-9, the light went off. My pain level was again a 4, not an 8-9. That is when the daily charting got my attention. Skipped the 2nd dosage of prescription and the third for that day, reducing my 3,200mg of prescription to 1,600 mg per day. Anxious to see over time, the possibility of getting off prescription entirely. Confident the healing will continue, with this positive jump start experiencing only a degree of # 4 pain. Hadn’t experienced such a moderate level of pain in three decades when was on morphine. Only taking two pills a day instead of four. Thank you, Paula, from the bottom of my heart. These HBN products are great.

Michelle D. – March 14 at 5:18pm
This product is amazing!!!! Since I’ve been taking Mind I’ve notice a positive changes in a lot of areas of my life.

I used to always forget my words and could not complete sentences all the time…well the other day my daughter noticed and said ” Mommy you are not forgetting your words anymore!”

My sexy life is amazing!!

Also through the winter I feel sluggish but when I take my mind…..I am sooo happy!!!

I would recommend this product to anyone!!!